Nonprofit helps more than 400 Philadelphians a year garden and cook fresh vegetables

From seed to supper” sums up the credo of Food Moxie, a Northwest Philadelphia nonprofit that “educates and inspires people to grow, prepare and eat healthy food,” says Lisa Mosca, executive director of this offshoot of Weavers Way Co-op. Launched in 2006, Food Moxie grew from a project where Weavers Way in Mount Airy supplied

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Inspired by work out West, the Philadelphia City Repair Project promotes reclaiming public space and strengthening communities

On a small plot of land just on the edge of Southwest Philadelphia sits a yellow school bus. A year ago the gutted vehicle wouldn’t have warranted a second look. But now the bus has been rehabilitated, with reinforced windows and flooring, and sits under a blue tarp to protect it from the rain. The

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How one Philly startup team is pioneering a control system for energy-efficient grow lighting

By Rory Sweeney Working out of the Drexel University-backed ic@3401 startup incubator in University City, the five-man team at GrowFlux is banking on a hunch that, for plant-growers, less is more. They’ve learned that, rather than gadgets and wizardry, the best thing technology can offer to the horticulture industry is simplicity, and that all other

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Our new nonprofit Circular Philadelphia had its first win last month. Here’s how we helped change city rules so restaurants could offer reusable to-go containers.

It’s hard to believe that only six months ago I wrote an article for Grid lamenting the incredible proliferation of single-use to-go containers due to take-out food during the pandemic and wishing some entrepreneur would come up with a system for reusable containers in restaurants. A lot has changed since then. Of course, many of

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