Nonprofit Grannies Respond/Abuelas Responden provides compassion and support for immigrants

One morning in the dead of winter, Robert, 83, and his wife, Donna, 71, (their last name is withheld at the couple’s request) members of Grannies Respond/Abuelas Responden, a nonprofit that aids immigrants and asylum seekers, drove from their East Falls home to Center City’s Greyhound bus station to meet a Central American family just

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Organizations work to bring equality to biking in representation and style

Some are compression-short-wearing athletes who trek through the trails of the Wissahickon or beside the Schuylkill River. Some are commuters, taking the city’s bike lanes to and from work every day. Others are “wheelie” kids, groups of teenagers and young adults pulling tricks down Broad Street, not a single care or helmet in sight. All

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The Looming Dispossession of UC Townhome Residents is a Threat to Health and a Violation of Human Rights Rooted in a Legacy of Structural Racism

Below is an open statement in support of the Coalition to Save UC Townhomes that was written by The Ubuntu Center on Racism, Global Movements & Population Health Equity. The sale and demolition of the UC Townhomes in University City and the looming dispossession of families from the 70 units on the property in the

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Editor’s Notes: Battling for Transparency

When it comes to how the City manages public land, the deck is stacked. When the City leased the Cobbs Creek Golf Course to the Cobbs Creek Foundation, a West Conshohocken-based nonprofit, for $1 for 30 years, there were no competing bids. There was no discussion about how people in the community might like to

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Politicians, nonprofits and tribal leaders are working to recognize the injustices and crimes colonists committed against the Lenape

In 1737, William Penn’s son Thomas and Penn’s secretary, James Logan — Logan Circle’s namesake — did one of the dirtiest deals in the country’s history. The Walking Purchase, specified that the Lenape Indians, whose homeland of Lenapehoking, stretched from the Chesapeake to New York, would sell Thomas Penn as much land as a man

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After almost a decade, the Philadelphia Land Bank still struggles to balance development and protecting green space

I’m bidding for a piece of my childhood. That feeling is something that … can be traumatizing. People are losing a part of themselves.” — Michael Gonzalo Moran, Iglesias Gardens board member When a notice went up in 2015 announcing that a lot his mother had tended as a vegetable garden since the 1990s would

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