The Worm’s Emporium vendor mall offers diversity and stability for makers and artists on South Street

Just off South Street, pink neon lights up the new sign outside Worm’s Emporium, a boutique-style vendor art mall. Inside the light, airy space, handcrafted fine art and craft pieces delicately line shelves constructed by cofounder Sabrena Wishart. Vendor stalls showcase a variety of mediums including ceramics, drawing, upcycled clothing, stickers and much more. Each

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Philly Reclaim founder says the organization is in trouble and the city has the power to save it

To Greg Trainor, executive director of Philly Reclaim, deconstruction is a no-brainer. An environmentally-friendlier alternative to demolition, deconstruction diverts building materials from the landfill and enables, through reuse, preservation of the embodied energy therein. And because systematically dismantling a building is more labor-intensive than leveling it with an excavator or a wrecking ball, deconstruction promises

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Local textile trailblazer lands contract with national farm advocacy group

Philadelphia-based Kitchen Garden Textiles, which sells napkins, towels, aprons and even coffee filters produced from sustainable fiber sources such as linen and reclaimed cotton, will provide table linens for Outstanding in the Field, a national “roving restaurant without walls,” according to its website, which holds dinners on long communal tables in outdoor settings such as

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Sustainable businesses of the 2000s paved the way for the innovative ventures of today

Successful businesses always start by filling a need or relieving a “pain point” for a target market. In Grid’s launch year 2008, when sustainability and “going green” were working their way into the common lexicon and Michael Nutter was elected Philadelphia’s mayor on a sustainability platform, the pain point was really located in the consumer’s

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