Northern Liberties boutique strives to empower and promote makers of all ages

There’s a better place than the fridge for children’s art. Dorothea Gamble and Dagmar Mitchell of the Northern Liberties art boutique Trunc feel strongly about this—and are actively looking for young artists. “We want to get children in the shop,” says Gamble. She and her partner, Mitchell, both 65, pride themselves on selling art, furniture,

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Community-led alternative to criminal justice resolves conflict, fosters community and protects youth

Sometimes it takes a village to stop a youth from having a criminal record. “Two friends, [ages]17 or 18, got into a fight over a girl,” explains the Reverend Donna L. Jones, 64, founding pastor of the Cookman Beloved Community Baptist Church in West Philadelphia. “One guy hit the other with a pistol,” says Jones,

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Six summer beers brewed with Philly H2O

Thirsty for great local beer? Here’s a six-pack of brews from members of the Brewers for the Delaware Association, all made using water from the Delaware River. Circadian 2SP Brewing Company  This New England-style IPA is brewed with oats for a creamy texture and hazy appearance. The addition of rye lends a subtle spice, and

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Cycling athletes and bike shop owners explain how to get your ride ready for spring

Spring is here, vaccine appointments are available for all adults, and you’re ready to get back on your bicycle. After all, it was a long winter defined by a right-wing riot at the Capitol, some pleasant snowfall (which we hadn’t seen around here in a while) and slightly uncomfortable outdoor dining in freezing temperatures under

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