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June: To-Do List


1. Commit to walking to work once a week
In between the chilly May mornings and the dog days of August, it’s perfect walking weather. Pick a different route each time to take in the scenery and new shops.

2. Cool the kids down with fun
Whether it’s the neighborhood ice cream truck or Rita’s Water Ice (maybe you’ll even brave the line at Franklin Fountain?), make some memories.

3. Get your air conditioner serviced
You don’t want bad air pumping into your home when the summer heat arrives. Make sure your filters are clean and it’s working as efficiently as possible.

4. Spring your houseplants
Those poor, sun-starved plants have made it through another winter of little light and a layer of dust gathering on their leaves. Give them a boost by washing them off in a good, drenching shower from the watering can, and give them some time outside. They’ll recover and gather strength in the sun so you can take them back inside when the weather cools.

5. Weeding—just do it
The earlier you pull up the weeds in your garden, on patios and even on those famous cobblestone streets of Philadelphia, the fewer you’ll have to pull each year. Letting them grow allows them to go to seed, which will only cause you more work in the months to come.

6. Celebrate the arrival of summer
Stake out your spot at the Manayunk Wall during the Philadelphia International Cycling Classic on June 5, join the celebrants at the annual Odunde Festival on June 12 for one of the largest celebrations of African culture in the country, and get your get your fill of the food trucks at the Callowhill Night Market on June 23.

7. Install a ceiling fan
If you already have a hanging light fixture, it’s not hard to replace it with a combination light and ceiling fan. Even a do-it-yourself newbie can probably switch it out by following the manufacturer’s instructions, and it will save energy (and money) to rely on a fan rather than an air conditioner.

8. Check for ticks
It’s prime time for gardening, picnicking and hiking, but also for the deer ticks that cause Lyme disease. Make sure you’re checking yourself and your dog if you’ve been out.

9. Train your climbing plants
Before you know it, that pretty clematis, Virginia creeper or trumpet vine will be pulling down your cable wires. Guide them to where you want them to go.

10. Raise your glass at a beer garden
Returning visitors to the Uptown Beer Garden at 17th and JFK will get treated to a new menu from chef Jonathan Petruce, and an exclusive IPA from Pizza Boy Brewing. Independence Beer Garden is still going strong, as is Spruce Street Harbor Park.

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