Holiday Gift Guide: Kids & Pets – Don’t Forget the Little Ones!


No holiday goes by without having at least one child or four-legged companion whom you just can’t help finding something special for. Whether it’s a favorite niece or your neighbor’s adorable pit bull, here are some treats that will keep them smiling all year.

Toys from Tadpole Creations

Toys are among the worst offenders when it comes to useless plastic junk. Find organic cotton dolls and rattles, carefully constructed by hand and filled with eco-friendly, corn-based Ingeo fibers from this local line of toys.

Art by Martha Rich at Minnow Lane

Art for a kid’s room or playspace is a timeless gift, which makes the pressure to find something cool even greater. Look no further than the happy, colorful collage art featuring menageries of animals, flowers and botanicals by local artist Martha Rich, appropriate for kids of all ages.

Pet Food Subscription from Ponzmo

For a friend or family member who treats their dog like royalty, sign them up for a pet-food subscription from Ponzmo. This Philly-based startup crafts human-grade, vet-developed “farm-to-bowl” cuisine, with humanely raised, ethically sourced hormone- and steroid-free chicken and USDA Grade A beef. The slow-cooked meals are delivered preportioned and frozen. Cat people, take note: A formula for kitties is in the works.

Average prices: small dog, $1.80/meal; medium dog, $3.07/meal; large dog, $4.20/meal

Prepaid Trips to Bark Park

This indoor dog playspace is coming to South Philly in January 2018 and will offer day care, recreational play, training services and grooming services to dog owners. In a show of modern workstyle solidarity, they’ll also offer a dog-friendly co-working center.
Dog park drop-in, $10/day; doggy day care, $32/day
Grooming services: various prices

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