10 Things to Do Before November Is Over


Make compost from fallen leaves. It’s not hard to gather and shred leaves from the neighborhood to make killer compost that will give your garden a boost this spring.

Plant your spring bulbs. It’s your last chance before winter weather sets in, so early this month, go buy the last of the bulbs that are on sale and get those beauties in the ground. 

Order your free-range turkey. Don’t get caught buying a bird that was raised on a factory farm! Get your order in now from any number of local farmers who raise free-range turkeys.

Wrap up your water heater. Spending $30 on wrapping up your water heater can save you as much as 16 percent on your utility bill. If your average monthly cost is $100, that’s $192 in yearly savings!

Break out the board games. Whether you’re a cut-throat scrabble player or can’t stop laughing during a Cards Against Humanity bout, there is no cozier way to spend the evening with friends.

Make mulled cider. There’s no special trick here… just simmer good old-fashioned apple cider and mulling spices such as cinnamon, clove, allspice and orange rind. It works with wine, too!

Get your gift list together. Whether you’re trying to keep your environmental footprint light, protect the impact on your wallet or you’re ready for a little splurge, getting your plan together will make you less dependent on shipments from online retailers. See our picks, Page XX.

Make room in your closet for holiday gifts. After the presents are unwrapped from the holidays, city dwellers in small spaces are left wondering: Where am I going to put this? Take a little time now to donate or rehome items you don’t need so there’s room for grandma’s sweater.

Do a deep clean. There may be one or two more days this month when we get to open the windows, but then we’ll be shut in for the winter. Take the time to do a deep clean on your living space so that you aren’t sealing the dirt and dust that has been collecting under the bed, on top of fans and cabinets, or inside your closets. It will improve your mood and your indoor air quality.

Be thankful. Gratitude is scientifically proven to positively impact your mental and physical health, better your relationships, increase empathy, decrease aggression and even help you sleep better. Take just 15 minutes to make a list about what you’re truly grateful for in your life. You’ll be glad to be well-rested and feeling balanced when it’s time for Thanksgiving dinner. 

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