Illustration by Nicholas Massarelli

Illustration by Nicholas Massarelli

1. Protect those paws
August heat is hard on everyone, but if you have a dog, don’t forget that the blacktop of roads and red brick can get hot enough to seriously burn your pet’s pads.

2. Try a barbecue without the beasts!
See this issue for a full plant-based menu of delicious recipes, from satisfying burgers and sides to a frosty summer dessert that will beat the heat.

3. Get inspired
The theme of this year’s BlackStar Film Festival is “resistance,” so if you’re in need of inspiration or energy, check out the roster of great films offered Aug. 3 through 6 in University City.

4. Folkies, start your campsites
The mainstage at the Philadelphia Folk Festival may be sponsored by Martin Guitar—but the main event is the campground ruled by factions of folkies who have staked out their ground and created a Brigadoon-like city on the hill. Do yourself a favor and spring for the camp pass so you can enjoy the all-night hootenanny. Aug. 17 to 20.

5. Get out on the water
You can always cool off in a neighborhood pool, but we’re a river city—let’s enjoy it! How about a kayak trip in Manayunk? For other water fun, see this issue.

6. Head out to Two Street North
We all know that the real Philly New Year’s celebration is with the post-parade mummers on Two Street. But during the summer, the 2nd Street Festival will lure you to Northern Liberties for multiple stages of local music and a ton of vendors. Pro tip: If the crowds are too much for you, duck into Heritage for a drink and live music.

7. Start planning your Fringe binge
We know, we know! It’s overwhelming to flip through the Fringe show choices, but you’re missing out if you don’t get to one or two of these boundary-pushing performances. They start Sept. 7, so get your tickets now.

8. Fix up that bike!
Still have to go to the bike shop for a flat? It’s time to learn some basic do-it-yourself maintenance to keep those wheels spinning. See this issue for advice and tips.

9. Get your greens
Nothing is more healthful than fresh-from-the-garden greens, and if you planted collards, it’s time to harvest. Zucchini and other veggies are ready to eat, too.

10. Try your hand at canning
You’ve got more tomatoes and zucchini than you know what to do with, so maybe it’s time to learn how to put some away for winter. There are classes all over the city to help you, and you can hit up a foodie friend who may have canning equipment you can borrow for a kitchen project.

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