illustrations by Nicholas Massarelli

illustrations by Nicholas Massarelli

1. September means it’s hot, hot, hot!
The peppers are bursting in your garden right now. Try drying some of your chilies this year to give your winter chili fest a homemade pop of flavor and heat.

2. Enjoy a hidden river view
Everyone knows about Spruce Street Harbor Park, but the hidden pocket park at Delaware and Washington avenues is its quiet and more naturally beautiful cousin.

3. Check on your air conditioner filters
September will continue to give us heat waves, so it may be time to make sure that, while your air conditioning is on, your indoor air is clean.

4. Make a plan for the Philadelphia Asian American Film Festival
This incredible film festival is back again in November, but there is so much to choose from you’ll want to start making picks now. In addition to an eclectic mix of contemporary domestic and foreign-made films, there will be a retrospective of historically important films. See Page 38.

5. Immerse yourself in art
See our Philadelphia Fringe Festival picks, but don’t stop there. Check out the neighborhood gatherings at the Open Kitchen Sculpture Garden and the “Urban Riders” show at the Barnes Foundation before it closes in October.

6. Get your ticket now for the Grid 100th issue party!
We’re pleased to announced that we’ve published 100 issues of Grid, all thanks to the Philadelphia community that continues to inspire us. Join us to celebrate on Sept. 14 from 6 to 8 p.m. at Philadelphia Distilling’s new tasting room. Space is limited, so make sure you secure your spot to raise a glass!

7. Get that garlic in the ground
Lots of lettuce and kale is coming up this month, and you may be thinking about closing up the garden for the year, but don’t forget that now is the time to plant your garlic. Soak your cloves, make sure the flat end is down, and push them 3 inches deep.

8. Give your houseplants some R and R
October’s nights will start to be too cold for taking your houseplants outside for a little shot of energy before the winter— give them one last sun shower.

9. Save your seeds
Wet seeds (think tomatoes, melons and cucumbers) should be put aside so that you have a batch to start in spring—it’ll help you stay out of the big box store garden aisle.

10. Don’t stop your pet’s flea and tick prevention! 
In our heads it’s fall, but the weather is still perfect for mosquitoes to breed and ticks to thrive—best to give Fido and Felix preventatives all year.

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