February: To-Do List


1. Keep Your Blood Pumping
Join a yoga studio or look into Grid’s list of intramural sports leagues on Page 51 to find the perfect low-key workout. It’s never too cold to run or bike.

2. Plan the Perfect Garden
It might not be warm enough to put a shovel into the ground, but you can crack open your seed catalog and let your imagination run wild. 

3. Test Old Seeds
Place 10 seeds in a folded, damp paper towel. Keep the wrapped seeds in an open plastic bag placed in a warm area. After a week, if fewer than half have sprouted, buy new ones. 

4. Save Your Soil
Water outdoor container gardens; dry winters are unkind to your soil. 

5. Start Your Starters
They’re just seeds now, but if you plant them inside, by the spring you can have broccoli, cabbage, onions and leeks ready to plant.

6. Clean Your Cleaning Tools
In preparation for spring cleaning (spring is on its way, right?), replace your vacuum filter, soak your mop head in hot water and wash your broom bristles. 

7. Maintain Your Resolution to Eat Healthy
Enroll in a cooking class at your local food co-op and explore foodfitphilly.org for more ideas about your healthy lifestyle.

8. Replace Your Air Filters
Replace any air filters from your heating system before the end of winter to prevent mold, pollen and other allergens from entering your home.

9. Shop Locally for Valentine’s Day
Surprise your sweetheart and support the local economy with that one-of-a-kind, personalized gift that only a neighborhood merchant can provide. 

10. Start Planning a Neighborhood Cleanup
Contact organizations such as Keep Philadelphia Beautiful and borrow tools from the Philadelphia Managing Director’s Office at the Community Life Improvement Program, where you can also coordinate trash pickups with the Philadelphia Streets. 

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