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Handmade Holiday: Knitting and Sewing


You are 90 minutes away from knitting your first scarf

Featured Stores: Loop 1914 South St. / Spool 1912 South St. 

Craig Rosenfeld worked in property management before opening Loop in 2005. “I had been knitting for a few years and was looking to make a career change,” explains Rosenfeld. The colorful storefront on South Street is a full service shop that carries yarn for hand knitting and crochet, needles, hooks and finishing services—everything a potential knitter could possibly need.
Loop also offers classes for varying skill levels. Their Quick Start classes for knitting and crochet ($24) are great for beginners. Students leave the hour-and-a-half lesson with the ability to knit a scarf. Beginning Knitting ($106), a more in-depth introduction, includes four two-hour sessions. “There are great knitting and crocheting books out there, but for a lot of people that’s hard to do,” says Rosenfeld. “I think for a lot of people, it’s easier to learn when you can have someone show you.”

In March 2008, Rosenfeld partnered with his friend Laura Singewald to open Spool in the retail space next door. Spool carries a collection of eclectic fabrics and provides sewing machines for group and private lessons. At Learn to Sew classes ($48) students learn how to thread the machine, cut fabric and put together a grocery tote that’s ready to use at the end of class. Spool also offers specialty classes—teaching participants how to make a-line skirts, pillows, table runners and even pajama pants—and provides open sewing hours during the week for $10 an hour.

Loop and Spool both offer private lessons as well, for those interested in one-on-one instruction. Check out their upcoming classes at and

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