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Handmade Holiday: Pottery


Play in the mud, make unforgettable gifts

Featured Studio: The Clay Studio 137-139 North 2nd St.

The Clay Studio’s ground floor houses a vibrant gallery of pots, mugs, jewelry and decorative items produced by expert artisans, but the building also hosts three floors of studio space, with artists hard at work. Open since 1990, the studio offers a variety of classes and workshops at all levels, taught by both visiting and resident artists.

Budding artists and craftspeople can partake in introductory classes like General Pottery and Throwing for Beginners, or learn more advanced techniques like Mold Making and Slip Casting. Advanced students can pursue their own independent projects by purchasing a Studio Passport, allowing them access to all open studios.

“We’ve recently added programs for children and families which make great gifts,” says the Clay Studio’s Amelia Powell. “Clay has been discussed by art therapists as one of the best things for a child developmentally.”

Student Jill Meltzer hadn’t worked with clay for four years, but has been taking classes since August. “Now I’m here all the time,” she says. “It’s a nice place to get away and it’s nice for me to work with my hands, which is something I have to do—it’s not even a choice!”.

For more information and class schedules, visit

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