Illustration by Chris Bernhardt

Illustration by Chris Bernhardt

1. Protect your pets
Veterinarians recommend keeping pets on flea and tick preventatives all year round, but if you’ve fallen behind, now really is the time. Mosquitoes and ticks are out in full force.

2. Harvest your early crops
Young potatoes and peas—direct from your garden plot—should be part of your home-cooking menu. Plant your collards, cabbage and celery by mid-month.

3. Visit a garden in full bloom
All around the city, gardens and parks should be bursting with greenery and flowers. Get in the know with this issue’s list of secret garden locations.

4. Explore your roots
The sixth annual Philadelphia Latino Film Festival is June 2 to 4, featuring works from emerging and established Latin-American and Latino filmmakers; June 4 is also this year’s Irish American Festival at Penn’s Landing. Now in its 42nd year, the Odunde Festival comes back to South Street June 11 to celebrate African culture. And the Roots Picnic? It’s June 3.

5. Celebrate summer in a pop-up garden
The Philadelphia Horticultural Society will host a new pop-up garden this year, which opened last month at 36th and Filbert streets, and the popular South Street location is still open.

6. Plan the block party
Did you know that the city’s permitting process for a block party includes an extra fee if it doesn’t receive your application three weeks in advance of the date? Now’s the time to talk with your neighbors about getting together and celebrating the summer. You can fill out an online application (and pay that lower fee) by visiting

7. Eat a simple spring meal outside
A cheese plate with fresh snap peas and strawberries is all you need for a delicious spring picnic, and radishes provide the perfect vehicle for snacks on the stoop or patio for an at-home happy hour. Or maybe try a homemade strawberry pie? For instructions on crafting perfect plates at home, check out this issue’s food section.

8. Give your houseplants a little love
Indoor plants could use a good shower drenching; then sit them outside for a week or two, or make a schedule to rotate plants outside for some sun.

9. Watch an outdoor film
June is that perfect month when summer evenings are still a little cool. The Schuylkill Banks, Dell Music Center and Clark Park all host outdoor movie nights.

10. Keep that garden watered
All gardening is a magical combination of sun, soil and water. Your beautiful starts will make it through the hot summer more easily if you help establish their root systems now. Cucumbers, lettuce and tomatoes are particularly thirsty plants to keep an eye on.

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