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Grid Gift Guide 2011: Green Thumb


written & curated by katie winkler | photos by lucas hardison & melissa mcfeetersWinter can be a trying time for the gardener, but you can give the gift that keeps on growing. Cultivate some holiday cheer with gifts from Philly’s best local garden centers. Keep it up and you’ll be a perennial contender for Santa’s favorite little helper.

#1: Jump Start Grow Light System Great for starting seedlings, Hydrofarm’s grow light system is easy to assemble and comes with a one-year warranty. $69.99 at Primex

#2: Stainless Steel Planter Philadelphia-made Shift Space Herb Garden is perfect for a beginner’s vertical wall garden. $98 at City Planter

#3: Worth Transplanter This sturdy garden tool is made of heavy duty cast aluminum with standard and metric measurements. $12.95 at Urban Jungle

#4: Tote Bag Support Cloud 9 Farm, a rooftop farm project in West Philly, by buying a tote bag. $10 @

#5: Birdhouse Recycled Rowhouse transforms unwanted furniture into one-of-a-kind birdhouses. $50-$89 at Greensgrow, Heirloom Home & Studio, or Recycled Rowhouse on Etsy

#6: Mud Gloves Made from super-soft organic cotton with an extra tough latex coating. $12 at City Planter

#7: Green and Red Succulents Bring some red and green indoors this season with a vibrant Aeonium (green) or Crassula capitella (red) succulent. $3.95 each at Greensgrow

#8: Living Wall Planter Made in the U.S. from 100% recycled plastic bottles, Mini Woolly Pocket’s wall planter is for indoor or outdoor use. $18 + at City Planter, Primex, Urban Jungle, Greensgrow

#9: Plastec’s Eco Herb Garden Kit  Ideal for bringing some herb garden green to a winter window. Contains 100% recycled materials. $9.99 at Primex

#10: Seed Bombs Comprised of clay and compost, seed bombs are fun and easy ways to transform vacant places into green oases. $2.50 each at City Planter

#11: Quakertown Planters A cast stone planter from Peter’s, a family-run business in Quakertown dedicated to quality and service. $28+ at City Planter

#12: KidsWork Gardening Gloves Natural cotton gloves with reinforcement on the fingertips and palm. They even have a spot for your littlest gardener’s name. $13 at City Planter

#13: Round Wallarium Created with loving care by the folks at City Planter, these little wall terrariums can also become simple vases. $12.99+ at City Planter

#14: Mushroom Kit Grow-at-home mushroom kit lets you grow up to 1 1/2 pounds of gourmet mushrooms in as few as 10 days. $19.99 at Primex

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