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Gift Guide: The Homebody



Eco Print Pillows
Textile artist Elizabeth McTear from Honest Alchemy uses the shapes of leaves and plants, and the natural pigments within them, to adorn raw silk pillows. Her methods produce a chic contrast, at once both wild and refined. 

Philadelphia Trivia Playing Card Game
Think you know Philadelphia? Put yourself to the test with a trivia game about landmarks, neighborhoods, events and other factors that make our city special. Pick up a few decks from Hidden City Philadelphia—the game requires one deck per player! 

Duvet Covers
The Japanese shibori hand-dying technique lends ethereal patterns and textures to these one-of-a-kind duvet covers from Riverside Tool & Dye, perfect for the stylish sleepyhead.  

Soy Candles and One-of-a-Kind Notebooks
Pair a Craft Foundry soy candle in a relaxing scent (Forest Fir is divine) with a notebook made from handmade paper and upcycled materials for a year of introspective writing. 
Candles $10, journals $45–$95

Green Cleaning Gift Certificate & Cleaner
What could delight a homebody more than the guarantee of a clean abode? Philly Maid Green uses entirely made-from-scratch, nontoxic products, which drastically improve the quality of indoor air. At the very least, spring for a few bottles of the company’s vinegar-based all-purpose cleaner, scented with lavender, lemon or eucalyptus oil.
Gift cards vary in price, cleaner $5.55

Aiver Co. Wreaths
Hand whittled branches—each one unique—are embellished with a combination of dried and fresh flowers, plants and herbs to create geometric wreaths with a cool, minimalist woodland aesthetic.

Porcelain Berry Basket Set
A clever illusion: These familiar berry baskets from Heirloom Home and Studio are porcelain, not cardboard like the ones we usually see at the market, and are handmade by Glenside-based couple Gregg and Jackie Moore.






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