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Book Review: Worms Eat My Garbage


Worms Eat My Garbage
by Mary Appelhof, Flowerfield Enterprises
162 pp., $12.95 (1982)

Published nearly 30 years ago, Mary Appelhof’s Worms Eat My Garbage is still the go-to-guide for vermicomposters. With an easy-to-understand and enthusiastic writing style, Appelhof shares her vignettes about worms, composting and gardening. Accompanied by amusing cartoons that illustrate the concepts, Worms Eat My Garbage guides the novice worm master through the basics of how to set up a home vermicomposting system, regardless of where you live or what limitations you may have. Instructions and diagrams abound on topics ranging from building your own composter, a guide to the sex life of worms, how to deal with common pitfalls and how to harvest the compost.

—Katherine Silkaitis

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