Bike Talk: Will the Biden administration bring the transportation progress we need?

Eager to put the last four years in America’s rear view, President-elect Joe Biden and his transition team have published their first batch of plans for their time in the White House, some of which include exciting news for bicycling, public transit and walking. Pledging to allot federal funding for alternative transportation modes, the Biden

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Program instructors teach students how the city’s waterways shaped our past and affect our present

Some classrooms keep guinea pigs or guppies as pets, but last year at Cook Wissahickon School in Roxborough, sixth-graders tended young freshwater mussels. “The students feed them and then, when they reach a larger stage, the Fairmount Water Works will place them in a creek,” says Jose L. Ramos, a middle-years reading and English language

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Look back at how activists in 2020 set their sights on creating a better, kinder city

Imagination ran wild this year as activists and protesters envisioned a city much different than the one we live in. Philadelphians marched down Broad Street, climbed the Philadelphia Museum of Art steps and gathered at Malcolm X Park in West Philadelphia, demanding change with chants, signs and determination. Temple University communication professor Jason Del Gandio

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Black-owned, Afrocentric bookstore Books & Stuff celebrates the power of literacy and diversity

Lynn Washington has spent most of her life encouraging people to read. As a graphic designer, she worked for the Free Library of Philadelphia, creating graphics and exhibits that would attract new audiences. As a mother, she read books to her children to excite in them a passion for learning. And now, as the owner

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