Each of us is a maker.

Whether you’re making connections, curating your style or physically making products, we all need that place to express our creativity. NextFab proudly helps support small, local handmade businesses by providing a shared community of professional resources, tools and support to go from making to selling, and from selling to thriving.

In this year’s Gift Guide, we aimed to provide a roadmap for everyone’s creative aesthetic or intention to shop for even those that have “everything.” Each product you purchase not only supports the local maker community, but provides an avenue to connect your motivations in a new and unique way. “Feel Empowered” to encourage gifts with meaning. “Elevate your Aesthetic” to expand on current trends. Modernize your home through a maker’s craftsmanship, instead of the latest tech. Don’t take yourself too seriously, and be “Playful yet Practical” with the space in your apartment. Stay “Sustainable and Stylish” by providing a positive impact on our people and our planet.

It is our pride to be able to connect you with some of our favorite designers for the holidays, all while fostering what matters most this holiday season—our communities, our local businesses and the creative makers that make it so wonderful.

“At NextFab, we believe in local artisan entrepreneurs and our team dedicates itself to helping more people to make things for themselves—and to feel empowered, to create new art, new products and new businesses. With the opening of our new North Philadelphia space last year, we will be able to do that at an unprecedented level.”

­Evan Malone, President, NextFab

Maker Annette explores clay experimentation to evoke joyful expressions through her handcrafted small-batch clay and metals jewelry studio, Ursa Marea.
Untitled_Co maker and woodcrafter, Cody Hughes crafts heirloom quality goods designed through an artist’s lens for your home.
Untitled_Co maker and woodcrafter, Cody Hughes crafts heirloom quality goods designed through an artist’s lens for your home.
Maker Lauren Parrow of Ash & Rise Atelier focuses on upcycling old clothing items, and creating new fashions from scratch, for any size and gender.
Maker Lauren Parrow of Ash & Rise Atelier focuses on upcycling old clothing items, and creating new fashions from scratch, for any size and gender.

This year’s Gift Guide showcases the talent of over 40 of our makers working out of the NextFab makerspaces, both who are already successful, as well as many budding artisan entrepreneurs. Showcasing their creativity and craftsmanship that provides a little something for everyone, we’re thrilled to introduce another year of NextFab members, small business artisans and professional creatives in the 2021 Gift Guide. From our community to yours, happy holidays and even happier shopping!


Feeling Empowered



Ayla Knight

Ayla Knight Nudeworks is an art shop filled with works modeled after the women of nudegang. The works sold by nudeworks aims to help all women feel better about their bodies and change society’s view on them, and includes custom sculptures, wall hangers, earrings and photographic prints.






Saint Manifest

Didier Garcia

Saint Manifest’s artwork seeks to destigmatize sex and instead celebrate it as the physical expression of love and connection. With self-love comes freedom, and with freedom comes peace. Wanting us all to live a life full of joy, pleasure and self-actualization, Garcia hopes their artwork can inspire you to be true to yourself. 





Melanie Hasan

Modest Transitions
aims to empower women through conscious clothing, beauty and inclusion. From sourcing fabrics with integrity, to creating baths of natural dyes—their products help eliminate toxic waste, while creating timeless, aesthetically pleasing wearable art to help embrace your natural self.




Asata Maisé

Asata Beeks

Asata Maisé Beeks is an independent designer based in Wilmington, Delaware. The designer is an advocate for preserving tradition through storytelling with handmade, slow fashion, and currently offers limited quantities of accessories, such as handbags and jewelry.

$50-$400 • @asata.maise • asatamaise.com

Historical Dream

Nina Grier

Historical Dream is a small women’s owned online business that specializes in reawakening and paying tribute to society’s pioneers across the cultural spectrum, portrayed with jewelry, apparel, upholstery items and more.

$75-$570 • @historicaldream • historicaldream.com


Kpellé Designs

Gwen Barker

Kpellé Designs makes handmade jewelry and accessories, which include earcuffs, loc jewelry for hair and head scarves. Powered by their mission to create jewelry for women to feel inspired, empowered and educated on the power of embellishing themselves in culture.

$10-$48 • @kpelle.designs • kpelledesigns.com

Seven21 apparel

Neiko Wiggins

721 stands for 7 days a week 21 hours of grind,
3 hours of sleep, in unique and creative apparel.
If you’re passionate about making and creating a brand that the world will never forget, Seven21 Apparel is the foundation for your brand.

$10-$100 • @721apparel_ • Seven21apparel.com

Yemisi art

Yemisi Ajayi

Yemisi art designs and produces hand printed and hand dyed fabrics for exquisite women’s clothing, home furnishing and every woman’s essential accessories—silk scarfs, T-shirts and bags.

$20-$500 • @yemisi_art


Nicole V. Stewart

GreyTeeful offers a variety of print services for apparel and other promotional items via vinyl graphics, direct to garment (DTG), embroidery, patches image transfers (HTV), screenprint, graphic design, logo development/edits and more.

$10+ • @greyteeful • greyteeful.com


Modern & Homey


Cody Hughes

Untitled_Co is a home goods and furniture design studio based out of Philadelphia. With a mindful approach, they create heirloom-quality goods with an emphasis on traditional craftsmanship and sustainable design.




Eric Zippe
Fine Art

Eric Zippe

Wilmington-based artist Eric Zippe Art crafts photographs transferred on to wood, laser engraved art and fine art prints.

From $5 to $500




Rosewood Home

Corey Kilbane

Every room in your home should bring you peace and joy. Rosewood Home’s mission is to help you make those spaces special through inspired products and decor for your home.

From $10 to $100




Damon Harvey

COVR products are appealing, decorative solutions that cover, enclose and disguise unattractive gas meters, electric meters, pylons and other utilitarian hardware to enhance the visual and curb appeal for homes and businesses.

$50-$450 • @covrproducts • covrproducts.com


Ron Fierro

Engrave My Achievement creates uniquely shaped laser-cut and engraved imagery from your favorite photos. Their Engrave My Animal line focuses on pets, even working pet’s name into the unique shape.

$50+ • @ema.engrave • emaengrave.com


Loma Living

Ken Holiday

Loma Living creates home goods that look beautiful and solve real problems for their customers. Offering solutions for most rooms in the home including home office, kitchen, bedroom and living room.

$12-$175 • @loma_living • lomaliving.com

Pandemic Design Studio

David Rozek

Pandemic Design Studio is a design and manufacturing enterprise that specializes in organic and contemporary ceramics, lighting and furniture.





ABI Woodworking

Edward Rose

ABI Woodworking crafts decorative 3D relief wood carvings for home and business, featuring plaques for desk, shelf and wall with standard or custom quotes and images.


Schneider Arte

Maria Schneider

Artist Maria Schneider crafts compositional hand-colored photography and laser-engraved images on plexiglass to adorn your spaces.



Good Measure

Ross Stoops

Handcrafted furniture and home goods focused on helping promote and encourage the talents of local makers, while bridging the gap between consumers and designers. Specializing in handcrafted furniture and home goods, they also offer custom residential and commercial fabrication throughout the tri-state area.



Pellegrino Cutlery

Steve Pellegrino

Pellegrino Cutlery designs and builds high performance tools for the kitchen and field bringing unencumbered designs for the home cook and the professional.




Sustainable & Stylish

Addi Naturals

Yemina Israel

Addi Naturals uniquely grows personal care products for men, women, baby, pets and home from seed using organic farming methods and hydroponics.


LEL Fashion

Laura Lomascolo

LEL Fashion is an independent sustainable fashion designer who currently offers 14 scrunchie styles, 18 square scarf patterns, 5 llama fashion illustrations with variations and soon to be one-of-a-kind jackets and handbags.



Idol Light

Machele Nettles

Idol Light is magic channeled through jewelry that uses salvaged scientific glass to capture UV light and raise your vibration. By wearing Idol Light, you become a walking art installation, by effortlessly interacting with your surroundings, reminding you of your place within your environment, and putting you in the present moment with an act of pure joy.







Jason Lempieri

RethinkTANK Manhole covers from around the world are permanently etched into functional art. Celebrating the art that’s underfoot, but often overlooked, products include 100% sustainable cork coaster sets and trivets, wooden magnet sets and wall art.




Salvaged Woodworks

Gordon Richardson

Salvaged Woodworks provide sustainable, one-of-a-kind goods as unique as you and your home.





Ash & Rise Atelier

Lauren Parrow

Ash & Rise upcycles old clothing pieces and creates new fashions from scratch for any size and gender!





Ray’s Reusables

Ray Daly

Ray’s Reusables sells eco-friendly lifestyle items in addition to bring-your-own-container style refills.






Samuel Yankell

A series of iconic figurative sculptures in a broad range of themes that exhibit tremendous geometric freedom and vitality while incorporating innovative and unique construction and finishing materials.sculptures on bases “found” at NextFab.





Small Wonder Honey

Kaitlin Fanning

Small Wonder Honey is a women-owned and operated apiary located in Delaware since 2017, starting with two hives and expanding to 8. Shop for local honey and infused honey such as hot honey and cinnamon, as well as products including lip balm, soaps and candles.


@smallwonderhoney • facebook.com/smallwonderhoney


Ordinary O


Ordinary O is a collection of unique sculptures for your home that highlight the extraordinary in the ordinary. The work is about finding and creating moments of joy and intrigue in our everyday lives. Adorn your home!





Playful & Practical

The T-shirt Box by Mado

Linda Watson

The T-shirt Box by Mado is a mystery t-shirt subscription box, with a twist! Each month you will receive a new premium soft style tee and informational card about that month’s brand. Managed by one-stop shop creative agency, Mado.






Deanna McLaughlin

Cartrageous crafts stylish necklaces, earrings, tie tacks, and cuff links that are true conversation starters utilizing the most iconic image of our consumer-based culture: the shopping cart.





Fishtown Signs

Troy Musto

Fishtown Signs handmakes unique and whimsical wooden fish and maritime-related signs for people’s homes, businesses and beach houses.





Scrapyard Aesthetics

Scott Cunningham

Handcrafted scrap metal clocks and lamps and sculpture inspired by work in the auto shop.





Cocoa Press

Evan Weinstein

Cocoa Press offers personalized, 3D-printed artisanal chocolate for any occasion.




Girl Holding
a Pen

Lauren Kelley

Girl Holding a Pen is a calligraphy-based design company that focuses on Christmas ornaments, weddings and signage.




Philadelphia Laser & Industrial Design

Sharif Pendleton

Philadelphia Laser & Industrial Design creates useful, beautiful, and clever housewares and gifts.





Khai Van

miniAlley Bookshelf Insert is a fully assembled, high quality, handmade gift, perfect for the bookworm in your life. Combining laser cutting and 3D printing technologies burnished with an artisans touch, each miniAlley will transport you to a new world.





Susan Murphy

Show the love for your hometown with a hyper-local Jawnament! Offering unique “that’s awesome” gifts, including holiday ornaments for lovers of Philly, NJ, Boston, NYC, MD, RI, NH (and soon for Seattle, San Fran and LA).





Elevate your Aesthetic


Cherné Altovise

Cherne Jean-Louis

Handmade jewelry and accessories for the everyday fashion icon that have a meaning, tell a story and create lifelong memories!




Feast Jewelry

Adrienne Manno

Feast is a line of handmade ever-evolving jewelry and accessory capsules that is inspired by both industrial design and nature. Combining found and sourced organic elements of pearl, shell, coral and glass, Feast borrows from the environment with restraint, and upcycles vintage and deadstock chain when possible to lighten the footprint of the brand while adding a vintage aesthetic.





Shannon Aragon

Mixed-media jewelry made with purpose and intent, to be adored and adorned, made with polymer clay, resin, jewels, metals and precious stones. Buy a meaningful piece with a message from the #passmypieces line and pay it forward to another when it’s time.




Linda Celestian

Linda Celestian 

Local artist Linda Celestian crafts inspired, laser-cut wood and acrylic earrings and pendants.






Grace Choi 

Playful and elegant explorations in ornithology. KKACHI art and jewelry comprises of mixed materials and processes.




Ursa Marea

Annette Shantur

Ursa Marea began as a creative exploration during the pandemic. Each piece is made by Annette in her home, and is designed to be a natural extension of the human form, so that jewelry and body complement and augment each other.





Elizabeth Karasek 

Livetodream depicts everyday life through precious metals, gemstones, wood, and leather in the form of purse and jewelry designs.




Rebecca Ledbetter Art

Rebecca Ledbetter 

Rebecca Ledbetter is a Philadelphia-based artist who paints abstract oil paintings and encaustic work utilizing inspirations from beloved novels, memories, the intensity of communication and the narratives around us to guide her work.




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