The strongest prosthelytizing tool in a food sustainability advocate’s bag-o’-tricks might just be a farm fresh egg. Crack that thing open into a hot skillet and watch onlookers gasp in awe at a yolk the color of a perfect Florida orange. Pasture-raised chickens have a healthier, more dynamic diet which leads to that striking chromatic difference. The taste and texture also blow commercial products out of the water.

Meadow Run Farm in Lititz produces some gorgeous eggs—and not just on the inside. Their cartons often contain a medley of shell colors: white, brown and even pale blue. (The exterior color of an egg only indicates the breed of hen, not the nutritional value, but the unusual ones sure are fun to look at.)

And this family-owned farm does more than just eggs and chickens. Husband and wife Philip and Dorcas Horst-Landis also raise grass-fed beef and lamb. Their meat products are available at area farmers’ markets, the Fair Food Farmstand at Reading Terminal and through a monthly buying club at ■

727 Rettew Mill Road, Lititz, PA.

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