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Grid Picks: Chemical-Free Cleaning


It’s hard to know which earth-friendly cleaners get the job done. GRID rolled up our shirtsleeves to test some contenders—here are our picks.

With a refreshing, citrus scent, this locally produced (King of Prussia, PA) alternative to noxious mainstream cleansers is completely biodegradable, plant-derived and free of petroleum-based solvents. Sun and Earth’s All Purpose Cleaner is best to use, well, anywhere. (Big Green Earth Store, 934 South Street; $3.79, refill-your-bottle, $3.08)

Streak-free and containing no ammonia, Ecover’s Ecological Glass & Surface Cleaner is made from plant derivatives and is completely biodegradable. This cleaner, with recyclable bottle, gives a beautiful shine on mirrors, tile, countertops and other surfaces around your home. (Whole Foods Market, 929 South St.; $4.79)

Earth Friendly Products’ Dishmate is a plant-derived cleansing product that makes washing your dishes safe for both you and the environment. Enjoy the sweet-smelling organic lavender oil scent, while you get those dirty dishes clean. (Natural Goodness Market, 2000 Walnut St.; $4.59)

Your dirty countertops and hard-to-clean dishes are no match for this two-faced sponge. One side is a soft and white, unbleached sponge; the other is a rough, down-to-business loofah for grease and baked-on messes. Twist’s Loofah Sponge is all natural and 100 percent biodegradable; you’ll find no artificial coloring, plastic or chemical dyes. (Essene Natural Foods Market, 719 S. 4th St.; $4.99)

Made in Ardmore, PA, Dropps Laundry Pacs are not only more ecological than conventional detergents, they are  also easier to use. Approved by the EPA Design for the Environment Program, they are safe for the septic tank and completely biodegradable. These lightweight “pacs,” sold in bags of 20, dissolve completely and leave you with clean clothes that won’t irritate your skin. (Whole Foods Market, 929 South St.; $8.69)

Adios, mold. With an attack from this veggie-based powerhouse, there will be no mildew left behind in your shower. Ecodiscoveries’ Moldzyme Mold and Mildew Remover’s plant-derived enzymes are extracted from sugarcane fermentation and coconut surfactants. Reuse the bottle with concentrate refills to boost your eco-ness. (Essene Natural Foods Market, 719 S. 4th St.; $10.99)

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