Philly Talks Trash- From Packaging to Pollution

It’s the annual season for gift giving and that time of year when the U.S. sees an almost 25% increase in waste. This is a bonanza for the packaging industry, a significant boost in demand for plastic products, and further rationale for the fossil fuel industry to continue fracking. Join us virtually on Thursday, December

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Holiday Gift Guide: Starter Kits

Photo by Jeff Sheldon The winter months are great for learning and tinkering while we wait out the weather. For the maker or doer in your life, Grid has compiled some starter kits and DIY gift baskets that will serve as inspiration as you craft the perfect gift. Maybe there’s a foodie who wants to

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Co-ops are Ready For Their Close Up

There are 30,000 cooperatives in the United States with over 120 million members, nearly one in three Americans, yet most of us don’t understand the basics of this business model, even if we’re buying from them. Anyone who has ever picked up a jar of Ocean Spray juice or went camping with gear bought by

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Backyard chickens have been illegal in Philadelphia since 2004. It's time for that to change.
Bailey Hale and his (now) husband Thomas McCurdy, a pastry chef, were happily tending to their flock of hens and chicks in South Philadelphia, an area they had lived in for 10 years. They owned their house and the lot

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Zoning Amendment Threatens Urban Farms in Philly

Grumblethorpe Historic House and Garden is one of the gardens that would be seriously affected by the new zoning changes. The two-acre garden grows fruits and vegetables and employs high school students at a weekly farmstand.
This article was originally published in the January 2013 issue of Weavers Way Co-op's Shuttle newspaper.
On December 13, 2012, less

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