Invasive Question

As snakeheads spread across the U.S., some experts are saying that if you can't beat them, eat them. | Photo courtesy Profish Ltd. Can restaurants and diners curb the rapid growth of non-native species?
In just a few short years, the snakehead fish has come a long way. Its native habitat is in Africa and Asia,

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Yard Works

Photo by Christian Hunold
John Janick plans to hit the 100 species mark in his backyard this year. In 2010, after consulting with Audubon Pennsylvania, he ripped up the car pad behind his West Mount Airy house. Since then Janick has planted 70 varieties of trees, shrubs and other plants—all native to Pennsylvania—in an effort to

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New Kid on the Block

It looks like the wait for Kensington Quarters (1310 Frankford Ave.), an ambitious combination of butcher shop, restaurant and classroom, is about to end. The restaurant is a partnership of Michael and Jeniphur Pasquarello (the owners of Cafe Lift, Prohibition Tap Room and Bufad), and a newcomer to Philadelphia, butcher Bryan Mayer.

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Ride With Purpose: CyclePhilly app strives to make the city a better place to bike

Data from the CyclePhilly app can be used by regional transportation planners to make Philadelphia a better place to ride. | Photo courtesy of Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission’s (DVRPC)The future of Philadelphia’s bike lanes is in your hands thanks to the new smartphone app CyclePhilly. Launching the app when you start your ride allows CyclePhilly

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