Butterflies Count

This Silver-Spotted Skipper was one of many butterfly species that were documented during a July count around Bryn Mawr. | Photo by Jen Britton
Volunteer efforts across the region keep track of our fine fluttering friends
The flashy colors of butterflies are matched only by their names: red admirals, great spangled fritillaries, tiger swallowtails, painted ladies

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Falling for Flatbreads

Flatbreads are great for an easy dinner on—or off—the grill. | Photo by Emily Teel
Fire up the grill as autumn begins to chill
Although I enjoy soups, stews, root vegetables and roasts as much as the next locavore, I try to postpone that kind of cold-weather cooking for as long as possible. These flatbreads

3 mins read

Engaging Personality

Bartram's Garden volunteer Mary Armstrong says the historic site has "something for everybody." | Photo by Dan Murphy
Mary Armstrong expands Bartram's Garden network
Longtime Bartram’s Garden volunteer Mary Armstrong says she especially loves engaging visitors from the Southwest Philadelphia neighborhoods that surround the garden. “I like the fact that you can get people who just

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One Step At a Time

What a sustainability leader learned walking from Boston to San Diego

Considering a green career? You might research the field by hiking it. In 1978, I crossed the U.S. entirely on foot through forests and desert, along a maze of quiet dirt and gravel roads, by day and at night, in rain, hail and blasting sunshine.

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Backyard chickens have been illegal in Philadelphia since 2004. It's time for that to change.
Bailey Hale and his (now) husband Thomas McCurdy, a pastry chef, were happily tending to their flock of hens and chicks in South Philadelphia, an area they had lived in for 10 years. They owned their house and the lot

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