On the Job Training

Illustration by Melissa McFeeters
Interns and apprentices learn the ins and outs of farming while testing their romantic notions about life on a farm
Most job interviews are nerve-wracking, anxiety-causing ordeals. But at the very least, they don’t take very long. 
But that’s not the case if you are applying for an internship at Ledamete Grass Farm in

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Better Living Through Farming: Two DuPont chemists-turned-farmers master the art of growing organic, and authentic Asian produce

Zuohong Ed Yin of Queens Farm in West Chester will gladly explain his scientific reasons for growing organic vegetables and fruit. The DuPont chemist and family farm owner has a Ph.D. in plant physiology, a master’s in chemistry and a longtime interest in Chinese medicine. Stop by his farm stand at Headhouse Square (2nd and

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Review: Bringing It To The Table

Wendell Berry understands technology’s lure to farmers. In 1950, when he was 16, his father bought a tractor, and suddenly he found he was impatient with his mules. But what does a tireless machine do to a farmer’s relationship to the land? Land becomes something to overcome—a perspective shared by a traveler on an interstate

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Feature: Food Power

A Lancaster County Farmers group show how local, organic food makes strong farms and healthy foodby Will DeanLancaster County is full of rolling hills, plowed fields and the occasional tall, silver silo; to the average observer, it can all seem the same. With a closer look, though, one plot of turned soil can be radically

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