Roast With the Most

Warm up the kitchen without cranking the thermostat by making roasted sablefish, escarole and avocado salad and roasted pineapple and coconut sundae | Photo by Emily Teel
Although you can’t will spring to arrive sooner, you can turn on the oven. Not only does it warm up the kitchen without cranking the thermostat, it’s also the

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Off the Grid

Community members work on what will be Philadelphia’s first Earthship.
In West Philadelphia, organizers use tires and earth to create an ambitious and energy-passive home
At a glance, the open-air lot at the corner of 41st and Lancaster appears to be littered with garbage—tires piled up in the northwest corner, mounds of dirt and cement mixed

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Second Shift

Kathleen Harple says volunteering at Greensgrow gives her a break from the “craziness of life.” | Photo by Stephen Dyer
North Philadelphia nurse heals herself in the nursery
Three years ago, Kathleen Harple and her dog, Fenway, went for a walk around Kensington and discovered the bustling Greensgrow Farms. At first, she was just a customer,

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A Family Gift

Dove Song Dairy farmer Lena Schaeffer says she encountered some resistance to being in charge of the farm, but that’s changed: “Now no one thinks twice about talking to the boss, which is me.” | Photos by Daryl Peveto
At Dove Song Dairy, raising goats is a multi-generational calling
When Lena Schaeffer turned 15 years old, her

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Spicing Things Up

Homesweet Homegrown owner Robyn Jasko grows all of the peppers in her sauces. | Photos by Daryl Peveto
Robyn Jasko’s “hyper-organic” peppers ensure a farm-fresh hot sauce
When Robyn Jasko launched her Kickstarter campaign in March 2013, her husband implored her not to be upset if her attempt to crowdfund a new hot sauce business was unsuccessful.

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Growing Together

Dakota Borneman Murtha, the daughter of Blooming Glen Farm farmers Tricia Borneman and Tom Murtha, smells freshly pulled fennel. | Photos by Daryl Pevet
Blooming Glen Farm is a labor of love for farming couple
Ask Tricia Borneman and Tom Murtha of Blooming Glen Farm how they met, and the couple credit a well-crafted mixtape. But almost

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Equal Footing

Sara Runkel, who manages Great Bend Farm, says PA-WAgN allows women to find mentors to connect with. | Courtesy Sara Runkel
The Pennsylvania Women's Agricultural Network aims to elevate, support women who farm
In the past 40 years, the number of women in the U.S. recognized as a farm’s principal operator—the person running the show—has more than

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On the Job Training

Illustration by Melissa McFeeters
Interns and apprentices learn the ins and outs of farming while testing their romantic notions about life on a farm
Most job interviews are nerve-wracking, anxiety-causing ordeals. But at the very least, they don’t take very long. 
But that’s not the case if you are applying for an internship at Ledamete Grass Farm in

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