June: Comings & Goings

Interfaith Walk for Green Energy Culminates After 100 milesAn interfaith, intergenerational group of activists concluded their 100-mile trek through PECO’s service area, a demonstration dubbed the Walk for Green Jobs and Justice.  About 40 walkers began the journey May 8 at Morris Chapel Baptist Church in North Philly, and upon their return to the city

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Bill McKibben discusses the duties of the next commander-in-chief

Illustration by Corey Schumann The War on Climate Change interview by Heather Shayne Blakeslee Bill McKibben, environmental advocate, author and proud Vermonter, is still feeling the Bern—but he’s adamant about going to the polls this month to cast a vote nonetheless. In the lead up to one of the most contentious presidential contests in history,

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