The Trash Not Taken

Illustration by NARRATOR
Wissahickon's litter problem prompts man to collect it for a year, turning it into a powerful art project
Since moving to Philadelphia from my small Central Pennsylvania hometown in 2000, the single biggest gripe I’ve had with the city is its litter problem. Many anti-litter programs have come and gone—and even exist today—and still,

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Tacos Tonight

Slow-cooked carnitas, scented with smoky cumin, cinnamon and orange, make an easy meal to share with friends. | Photo by Emily Teel
It's still winter, but let carnitas warm you up
Ah, spring. The promise of sunshine, blooming trees, crunchy new vegetables and the meals that taste the way spring can make us feel: bright, fresh and

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Haunted by an Industrial Future

 Illustrations by Kathleen White
Is a proposed petrochemical hub a devil’s bargain? The CEO Council for Growth says it is an opportunity for economic revitalization, while organized opposition throughout the city says it will drag us into our past. Must we choose between prosperity and pollution?
Philadelphia’s role as a vibrant manufacturing center

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Fight Back

Protesters from the Earth Quaker Action Team (EQAT) demonstrate in Sarasota, Florida—one of 31 U.S. locations—during Flood PNC Day of Action on Dec. 6. | Photo courtesy EQAT
Five ways to make your activism more strategic
Thirteen years ago, at an anti-war rally where a small group of protestors gave speeches to each other in a park,

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Lost and Found

When he’s not working with the Fairmount Civic Association, Sam Holloschutz picks up trash at the wooded area near his apartment. | Photo by Stephen Dyer
A popular TV show awakens an environmentalist in Fairmount
Sam Holloschutz credits an unlikely source of inspiration for his devotion to sustainability: the TV show Lost. “Just seeing how beautiful Hawaii

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