Block captains look out for their streets—and their neighbors

Philadelphia’s quiet heroes include block captains, volunteers who, under the sponsorship of the Philadelphia More Beautiful Committee (PMBC)—a division of the Streets Department—rally their neighbors to keep their blocks attractive. Now, in addition to beauty, some block captains help ensure food and a sense of security for their neighbors in the face of the COVID-19

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State Representative Malcolm Kenyatta talks DNC, democracy, and free and fair elections

Politics are personal to Malcolm Kenyatta, a third-generation community activist born and raised in North Philadelphia. Kenyatta began his career in civic activism as a block captain at 11 years old, and he worked his way up the political ladder over the next few decades, studying political science at Temple and Drexel universities and serving

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Ballots will determine Philadelphia’s ability to expand infrastructure for pedestrians and cyclists

When folks go to the polls or fill out their mail-in ballots next month, they will likely have key issues on their minds—be it the environment, foreign policy, corruption, the economy, fighting against white supremacy or saving American democracy as we know it. You know, basic voting stuff. What will be on fewer peoples’ minds

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A federal rollback of wetland and stream protections could affect Philadelphia

Refuge manager Lamar Gore watched as Tropical Storm Isaias tore up footpaths and surged over the boardwalk at John Heinz National Wildlife Refuge at Tinicum.  “It was too much for the banks to hold,” says Gore. Gore’s place of work, John Heinz, is the first and largest urban refuge in the United States. It is responsible

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