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Want to build a business, share ideas or learn new skills? Check out these 10 Philly co-working spaces


Photo courtesy of NEXUS

Photo courtesy of NEXUS

A relatively new phenomenon that has popped up in the last 10 years, co-working spaces are pay-per-month facilities that offer communal desks, private office space and conference rooms to professionals, artists and entrepreneurs. Members are encouraged to interact, share ideas and work together to combine their diverse skills to achieve goals. Grid has put together a list of the unique provisions at local co-working spaces: need to bring your dog? Looking for a crowd of other artists? Want to be around other female business owners? The proliferating spaces around town have something for every emerging entrepreneur who is interested in joining a creative community of like-minded individuals.

Benjamin’s Desk
1701 Walnut St. and 601 Walnut St.
$49-599 per month

Two Center City facilities provide business professionals with a 200-person event hall and access to resources from over a dozen sponsors, including Yards Brewing Company and the Sustainable Business Network of Greater Philadelphia.

The Cedar Works
4919 Pentridge St.
$230-560 per month

West Philly reclaimed warehouse that houses artists and makers in 19 studio spaces and three private offices within its 15,000-square-foot facility.

2401 Walnut St.
$100-2200 per month

Co-working in a 13,000-square-foot soon-to-be-LEED platinum certified Center City facility. What that means: it’s a green space for environmentally-minded professionals and others.

1315 Walnut St.
$40-350 per month

Center City space catering to arts and heritage organizations as well as other creative professionals. Offers access to resources from sponsors that include ZipCar and Pure Fare and also provides an “accelerator program” called Venture that supports startups by helping them develop sound business plans.

The Fire Works
701 S. 50th St.
$60-200 per month

In 2015, the Cedar Works expanded to provide a third floor office space for a community that includes activists, entrepreneurs, musicians, writers and more.

The Hive
222B Race St.
$100-300 per month

Philadelphia’s first co-working space that is dedicated to female business owners and entrepreneurs. Their Old City facility provides monthly networking events and workshops.

Indy Hall
22 N. 3rd St.
$30-300 per month

This vibrantly-decorated haven houses artists, developers, technophiles and entrepreneurs who want to be a part of a creative community of over 300 members.

2025 Washington Ave. and 1227 N. 4th St.
$49-349 per month

South Philly facility that provides communal work facilities and machinery for professionals and hobbyists interested in working with metal, wood, plastics, graphics, electronics and software.

417 N. 8th St.

$45-995 per month

Dog-friendly work-space that features a 100-person event area and various media exhibitions and tech meetups for its diverse entrepreneurial members.

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