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Nut Meg: Megan Gibson spices up fresh nut butters


PB & Jams is a small-batch fresh nut butter company stirring up a twist on the classics. “Our all-natural nut butters highlight the natural flavor of the nuts, while keeping other ingredients simple,” says owner Megan Gibson. Working from the Center for Culinary Enterprises in West Philadelphia, Gibson produces five varieties: Hot or Not Peanut Butter, a savory, spicy version of Haitian peanut butter; Classic Peanut Butter, in smooth or chunky; Simply Almond Butter, textured with a light crunch; The Cashew Butter, naturally sweet and smooth; and slightly sweeter Maple Walnut Butter.

PB & Jams products can be purchased at Overbrook Farmers Market, N3RD Street Farmers Market, University of Penn’s Gourmet Market at 1920 Commons and online at

Story by Julianne Mesaric.

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  1. Megan's Maple Walnut Butter is incredible. I purchased a jar at the Fitler Square flea market on a whim and I'm hooked! It's delicious, nutritious and I love that it's made here in Philly! I will certainly be making another purchase soon.

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