Vernick Food & Drink | 2031 Walnut St. |

A newcomer to the Rittenhouse neighborhood, Vernick Food & Drink is the latest in restaurants serving local ingredients. Chef Gregory Vernick—a Cherry Hill, NJ native—is sourcing from the Lancaster Farm Fresh Cooperative as well as the Rittenhouse Farmers Market. Don’t miss the homemade sodas and unique cocktails.  

Little Baby’s Ice Cream | 2311 Frankford Ave. |
Little Baby’s is expanding from their ice cream-toting tricycles. Their new flagship location in East Kensington opened August 3, and serves an extended menu of the unusual flavors you already love, plus milkshakes, soda floats and ice cream sandwiches.   
Hours: Closed on Mon., Tues.-Thurs. 5-10 p.m., Fri. 5-11 p.m., Sat. 2-11 p.m., Sun. 2-10 p.m. 
SAGE | 116 N. Third St. |
Art in the Age, the makers of ROOT, SNAP and RHUBY, bring you a new spirit to enjoy during the last weeks of summer. Inspired by the horticulturist Bernard McMahon, who moved to Philadelphia in 1796 and published the country’s first seed list, SAGE is made with organic American botanicals, including thyme, rosemary, lavender, fennel and sage.

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