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Gift Guide: Savory


Who needs another necktie or instantly-outdated gadget? Edible gifts are among the most sustainable you can give, especially when they’re crafted by local artisans using local ingredients. Whether you’re looking for something spicy and savory or sweet and satisfying, Grid’s Holiday Gift Guide is here to help. And, as an added bonus, Marisa McClellan has turned her expertise to exquisite homemade treats for the foodies on your list.

#1 Apple Pepper Jelly – Tait Farm Foods – Tait Farm has been growing fruits and vegetables for decades, and in 1986—after a particularly voluminous harvest of raspberries—they started making value-added products. This apple pepper jelly is an enticing seasonal treat, perfect paired with local cheeses or smeared onto a leftover turkey sandwich.
$6.95; available at the Fair Food Farmstand, DiBruno Bros. and Whole Foods;

#2 Kelchner’s Horseradish – Kelchner’s Horseradish Products – Since 1938, Kelchner’s has been churning out horseradish products from their Bucks County facilities. A little bit of the fleshy, white root goes a long way—try it mixed with mustard and tossed with roasted vegetables, or as an added zing in seasonal soups.
$3.00 for one, $30 for a case of 12 online; available at your local Whole Foods, Shop Rite and Fresh Grocer, as well as Green Aisle Grocery, online at

#3 Patterson Farms Syrup – Patterson Farms – Your holiday brunches just got better. Patterson Farms has been tapping maple trees for three generations, over 100 years. Located in North Central Pennsylvania, the farm makes more than just syrup—you can buy their maple sugar, maple candy and even maple barbecue sauce.
$13; available at the Fair Food Farmstand;

#4 Philly Fresh Hot & Spicy Pickles – Weaver’s Way Co-op – For the sadist in everyone! Philly Fresh Hot & Spicy Pickles from Weaver’s Way Co-op will have your friends and family feeling the burn, and begging for more. Brined with fresh diced habaneros, the atomic spears have the perfect balance of heat and sweetness. Pull one out of the fridge, and relish (ha!) as the crisp coolness fades to delicious pain.
$8; available at Weaver’s Way Co-op, Fair Food Farmstand, the Foodery and through Mugshots’ Buying Club.

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