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Energy: Let There Be Light



story by Ariela RoseDaniel Thut, co-owner of West Philly’s Green Line Cafés, first heard about the benefits of LED lighting three years ago. He started experimenting with the lights, but found them too bright for a laid-back café. Now, with the help of PekaSys, a sustainable technology company, Thut is giving LEDs another try.

After testing a number of bulbs, receiving a PECO Smart Ideas rebate and a grant from Greenworks Philadelphia, Green Line Café’s three locations will be outfitted with LED lights. In fact, installation at the location on Baltimore Avenue is nearly complete.

The cafés have a total of 153 bulbs to replace—the switch could save them up to $3,000 a year.

4239 Baltimore Ave., 4426 Locust St. and 3649 Lancaster Ave,.

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