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Book Review: Sewing Green


Sewing Green: 25 Projects made with Repurposed & Organic Materials
by Betz White
STC Craft, A Melanie Falick Book, 2009, $24.95

The stitch ‘n bitch scene has been making your grandma’s favorite hobby hipper over the years. But in this latest DIY guide to needle and threading, author Betz White showcases how crafty designers can rethink wardrobes and home goods using eco-friendly materials, many of which are rescued right from your own trash can.

Step-by-step designs are outlined in this guide with beautiful color photography that makes even the most unthinkable project seem easy, including a tote bag made from discarded waterproof envelopes and a blanket stitched together from old cashmere sweaters. The money-saving tips are endless as Betz trolls thrift stores, flea markets and dumpsters for materials that can be creatively reused into stylish conversation pieces.

The author, who’s been featured on Martha Stewart’s television show and magazines, also discusses the eco-stitching movement (as it’s come to be known) along with surefire ways of saving the world and your pocketbook, such as wrapping presents in reusable fabric, making aprons from men’s shirts, making a skirt out of pillowcases and using felt to create works of fine art.
—Natalie Hope McDonald

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