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The Disappointed Tourist: Ellen Harvey

301 West High Street Gallery 301 High Street West, Glassboro

Painting in a style reminiscent of vintage tourist postcards, The Disappointed Tourist is an ongoing project of 300 paintings of lost sites suggested by members of the public. It was inspired by the urge to repair what has been lost due to the forces of war, time, ideology, gentrification, and natural disasters. It attempts to honor the trauma underlying the nostalgia that results from our collective and individual losses, while celebrating the human attachment to places both real and aspirational. With our partner organizations we disseminated a call for suggestions throughout the Glassboro community and received over 40 submissions. Artist

Event Series hearth, frame, foundation

hearth, frame, foundation

Park Towne Place Oar Pub, Towne Center, 2200 Benjamin Franklin Parkway, Philadelphia

Hearth, frame, foundation explores the textures of urbanism through the lens of five artists, Francis Beaty, Cimone Kind Berman, Annette Cords, Michael Morgan, and Rita Scheer, who draw materials and inspiration from the built environment. Found materials, patterns, textures, and abstraction give visual expression to the dialogue between cities and the people who live in them. The included artists play with diverse methodologies from fields including architecture, construction, archaeology, and botany, exploring the links between construction, inhabitation, and the passage of time in cities. The parallels between construction in the built environment and the artist’s studio are seen through the


Color Fields

The National Apartments 121 N 2nd St, Philadelphia

Color Fields features the vibrant and colorful work of painters Chris Cox and Zifeng Zang. Chris Cox explores the interconnectedness of our lives through intuitive mark-making and a cosmic perspective. The tactility in Cox’s paintings invites viewers to meditate on their depths. Zifeng Zang's dynamic compositions celebrate movement and color, capturing the unpredictable nature of pigments. Drawing inspiration from nature and everyday moments, Zang's vibrant works invite contemplation of spirituality and imagination. Through Color Fields, viewers are immersed in the lively energy and bright movements that define Cox and Zang's work.