Feminist Flea Mini Market

“Feminist Flea Mini Market” is an evening market curated by Zissel of Feminist Flea Market & Craft Fair and designer Bokeum Jeon to highlight local artists and makers for the holiday season. Featuring 10 unique vendors, 50+ local artists currently selling at Baby Tooth, and the 1ST-floor shops of BOK, the market makes shopping from

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What’s in a Name?

Don’t be fooled by stores with a global supply chain that claim to be ‘farmers markets’ By Danie Greenwell Walk into a supermarket and you will find yourself caught up in a whirl of “local,” “organic” and “farm fresh” merchandising. These words are intended to make us feel better about our purchases, but it is

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Grid’s picks for artisan offerings at your neighborhood market

Farm Stand to Table by Emily Kovach Sitting alongside the stellar produce at the city’s farmers markets, you’ll find some of the best artisan food in the Philadelphia region. Headhouse Square2nd & Lombard Weighing in at over 40 vendors, this bustling Sunday market is one of the largest in Philadelphia. Located under the historic Shambles

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Dispatch: Forbidden Fruit

The Adam and Eve debacle notwithstanding, I never thought that eating fresh local fruit could be so controversial. I also assumed that, with seasonal farmers’ markets sprouting up all over Philadelphia, it couldn’t be that much work to bring one to my suburban neighborhood.

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