Save Wyck’s Chicks, join the Rock-Moving Party!

Image via (earth & fork) Wyck Historic House and Garden has some chicks that need your help. Wyck’s hens have endured all the crazy Philly weather, but they’ve done it in the lowest, shadiest, wettest, muddiest part of Wyck’s property, where their run is located. Wyck wants to improve their quality of life to keep

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Gardening Issue: Snakes in the Garden

Gardeners, meet your new best friend: the brown snake
Don’t freak out—it’s just a snake. It’s a really tiny snake, totally harmless. The worst it can do is poop on you.
Sure, you weren’t expecting to find a real live snake in West Philly (or North Philly, or Northwest Philly), roaming the soul patch of green that passes for

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