Tires Tossed in Tacony Creek Park — Again


Short dumpers have left more piles of tires in Tacony Creek Park, according to Julie Slavet, the executive director of the Tookany/Tacony-Frankford Watershed Partnership (TTF). Two piles — one near the intersection of Garland Street and Tabor Road, and another beneath the Whitaker Avenue Bridge — were discovered on Monday, January 2. Another pile was found on Thursday, January 5 at Cheltenham Avenue.

The Tacony Creek Park has long been plagued by dumping. The entire city has been afflicted by short dumping and the City’s uncoordinated response, with tires commonly left in vacant lots and parks.

Slavet says that TTF is working with Philadelphia Parks & Recreation, the Philadelphia Water Department, the Philadelphia Department of Streets, the Philadelphia Police Department and other partners to clean up the tires. Volunteers can work to make a dent in the pile at Garland and Tabor at an event on January 14th.

Tire dumping has been a long time problem in the Tacony Creek.

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