An artistic take on the land of the Lenape


On April 20 local artist Meg Lemieur released an illustrated map of the Lenapewihittuk (Delaware River) watershed, complete with plants and wildlife found in the region. “I’ve been illustrating flora and fauna from the region for 15 years, and most of these animals are some of my favorites,” Lemieur says.

Lemieur worked with cultural consultant Trinity Norwood, a member of the Nanticoke Lenni-Lenape Nation, to include elements significant to the Lenape. The two had worked together on the Aqua Marooned! card game. “I hit her up and said, ‘Hey, do you want to work on another project?’” Lemieur recalls.

Norwood suggested that Lemieur include additional animals of significance to the Lenape (e.g., muskrats), as well as plants that have traditionally served culinary (e.g., cattails and wild plums) or medicinal (e.g., box elder) purposes.

Lemieur says she printed an initial run of 500 maps, of which 60 had been sold by the afternoon of April 21. Lemieur is talking with some local shops about carrying the poster, but to get your own Lenapehoking (“Land of the Lenape people”) map ASAP, head over to Lemieur’s Etsy shop.

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