Notes for the Mural Arts Institute Art and Environmental Justice Symposium


Grid was invited to attend and moderate a panel at the Mural Arts Institute Art and Environmental Justice Symposium on Sept. 14th. This event was part of a week long series exploring how art and environmental justice intersect throughout the US with Mural Arts Institute Partners. The below image is a reflection on the day’s thoughts and activism created by artist Patric Dempsey.


  1. This is such a beautiful piece of art work presented here, and I love it. This is beyond Amazing!! Keep up the great work Nephew Patric Dempsey we love you!! 🥰💯👍🏽

  2. What an amazing artist! We have all watched you grow, hone your craft over the years and seen you cross international waters regarding your contributions to murals located in CUBA. Please keep up the good work and think about how you can inspire the next generation of artists! Remember that name and it’s unusual spelling, Patric Dempsey, because the world is his stage!

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