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Adults Only: 21-plus desserts


Photo by Marika Mirren

Photo by Marika Mirren

Adults Only

by Emily Kovach

IPAs, fine wines and stiff craft cocktails are all well and good, but when it’s time to have some grown-up fun that doesn’t take itself too seriously, a 21-plus beverage that doubles as dessert is the way to go. 

If You Like Piña Coladas

Frozen Piña Colada
The Yachtsman

Take your mouth on vacation without leaving the city limits. The island vibes and legit frozen tiki drinks, including a no-nonsense piña colada at the Yachtsman, will help you sail away.

For your afternoon delight: The Yachtsman, 1444 Frankford Ave.

Bar Bombón

The standard piña colada recipe gets a Latin twist at this chic, Puerto Rican-inspired Center City vegan joint. Cachaça (a Brazilian spirit made from distilled sugarcane juice) is blended with mango, papaya, cream of coconut and lime juice.

For your afternoon delight: Bar Bombón, 133 S. 18th St.

At Least Once a Week

Adult Water Ice
Triangle Tavern

Basically, South Philly in a glass. Spiked but keeping it classy with real fruit flavors: raspberry, cherry, strawberry, mango, peach and hibiscus. Partying as part of a group? A pitcher will keep everyone sauced.

Get some: Triangle Tavern, 1338 S. 10th St.

Arnie’s Gimlet Slush
Bud & Marilyn’s

Possibly the most simultaneously kitschy and classy frozen drink in town, this black tea concoction is spiked with vodka, jazzed up with lime and sweetened with simple syrup. Best enjoyed on a leather bar stool under an air conditioning vent.

Get some: Bud & Marilyn’s, 1234 Locust St.

Rotating Frozen Drinks
Morgan’s Pier

Morgan’s Pier, now in its fourth season, is like a waterfront picnic with 400 of your closest friends. Their well-stocked bar is boosted by a rotating list of frozen drink specials—basically boozed-up slushies. Recent flavors include blueberry lemonade and rocket pop.

Get some: Morgan’s Pier, 221 N. Columbus Blvd. 

Spicing Things Up

Spiked Milkshakes
Craftsman Row Saloon

Booze and ice cream make happy bedfellows indeed in over-the-top concoctions at this unpretentious midtown pub. We’re intrigued by the Cherry Lee Lewis: cherry vodka, Disaronno and dark chocolate ice cream, topped with whipped cream, of course.

Share it with someone you love: Craftsmen Row Saloon, 112 S. 8th St.

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