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Call to Arms: Jamie Oliver at the TED Conference


Recently I’ve been looking for a world to describe the people who make me go weak at the knees, from a sustainability standpoint. It’s a special variety of non-sexual crush, one you develop on someone who truly impresses you with their passion and initiative. I was thinking about “Grush”—like Green Crush—but people didn’t seem too enthused. How about “Sustaino-Stud”? Or “Enviro-Envy”? Anyone have any ideas?

Whatever you call it, I have an intense, burning one for Jamie Oliver, aka The Naked Chef. His most recent American cooking show, Jamie at Home, was my Saturday morning treat. Preparing dishes from seasonal foods picked fresh on his homestead in the countryside, Oliver made me want to crawl through the screen to nibble at whole roasted lamb shoulder or warm my hands by his outdoor, wood-burning pizza oven. The TV host and cookbook author has also become a huge advocate for healthy, homestyle eating over in England (mostly through Jamie’s Ministry of Food).

On March 26, Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution premieres on ABC. Oliver spent time in Huntington, W.V. (population 50,000), one of America’s unhealthiest cities. You can see the trailer here. It would be an understatement to say that I’m excited at this project.

Oliver recently received the prestigious TED Prize, and his 18-minute talk at the conference is nothing short of a call to arms in the battle against obesity. Watch, listen, get worked up.


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