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Big Questions: Farm-Raised Atlantic Salmon, and Other Options


Wild for Salmon’s Steve and Jenn KurianIn a recent blog post, the New York Times‘ Mark Bittman discussed his love of wild Pacific salmon. While extolling the virtues of this mighty fish, he touched on some very disturbing issues surrounding farm-raised Atlantic salmon. He linked to Barry Estabrook’s blog, The Politics of the Plate, who in turn linked to a short documentary called Farmed Salmon Exposed. Thanks to the reckless practices of some huge aquaculture firms (many of them Norwegian), wild salmon runs in Europe, British Columbia and Chile have been decimated. There are also environmental and health concerns (including waste and the use of antibiotics). It’s some pretty upsetting stuff.

Fortunately, we have a better option here in Southeast Pennsylvania. At the PASA Conference, people couldn’t stop singing the praises of Wild for Salmon. Local husband and wife team Steve and Jenn Kurian spend a few months each year on a boat in Alaska, fishing for sockeye salmon. The fish is then flash frozen, and made available through their buying club. You can also buy bulk orders (20 lbs. or more) and find Wild For Salmon fish at a few local retailers.

The Kurians not only sell beautiful boneless filets, but also cold and natural smoked salmon and burgers.

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