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Local Business: Soap Dish


by Lee StabertSpotted Hill Farm proves that size doesn’t matter 

Donna Howard’s farm isn’t very big, but neither are its primary inhabitants: a herd of miniature Nubian goats.

They’re inquisitive, friendly little creatures, with long, floppy ears and prominent noses. Howard breeds them, and uses their milk for the homemade soaps and lotions she sells through the farm’s website and at local farmers’ markets.

Not all of her products contain goat milk, but they are all hand-crafted by Howard on-site. Spotted Hill’s soaps, lotions and lip balms are all-natural, mild and smell lovely. (This writer has been using a bar for months and can’t imagine a return to commercial soap.)

Running this farm—and this business—is the fulfillment of a dream for Howard and her husband. When they hit their 50s, and the kids were finally grown up, they made it a reality. They sold their house in Havertown and haven’t looked back. “I’ve enjoyed everything I’ve ever done, but this is where I belong,” says Howard. “This is something we’ll do ’til we’re carried out of here.” 

In addition to providing milk—and amusement—the goats are slowly clearing the farm’s back woods, one nibble at a time. Those woods contain (shhhh!) a cache of morels, and on April 25, Spotted Hill will host Mushroom Madness, a benefit for the Boyertown Farmers’ Market featuring foraging and feasting. They also periodically invite the community to the farm for PASA (Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture) field days featuring local craftspeople, goods from local farmers and a chance for kids to interact with the animals.

Spotted Hill products are available at local farmers’ markets and also online at and at, 530 Colebrookdale Rd., Boyertown, 610-473-9637 (by appointment)

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