Eight years ago, Sara Cain attempted to turn Philadelphia’s infamous mystery meat concoction into a treat that herbivores could enjoy. A good friend of hers, who had grown up on scrapple, lamented the loss of the local delight since becoming a vegetarian. In January of 2008, Cain started making Vrapple commercially by working with a small, family-run co-packer in Lancaster. She was even invited to participate in Scrapplefest, and Vrapple had the honor of being the only vegetarian scrapple in the bunch. Plus, did we mention it’s delicious? Fair Food Farmstand, Reading Terminal Market, 12th & Arch, 215-627-2029, and Essene Market, 719 S. 4th St., 215-922-1146

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  1. Sarah has actually moved to the west coast, and Vrapple is no longer available.

    However, she IS looking for an east coast producer and distributor, maybe someone will see this and be interested in taking on that project?

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