The Inconvenient Truth About Convenience

Throwing It All Away by Heather Shayne Blakeslee American women do 10 more hours of housework per week than their male partners—more than a full workday. Marketers, smartly, continue to target women with messages about convenience and saving time. My sister, a chemical engineer and mother of three, is fully aware of this dynamic. She

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Philadelphia won’t thrive if we continue to pollute the air we breathe

Illustration by Narrator Choking on the Past by Patrick Ammerman The city of Philadelphia is at a crossroads: We must choose between our past and our future. We are still struggling to fill the most basic needs of our residents: From grossly defunded public schools to the 25 percent unemployment rate among young adults of color,

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The Encyclical

Pope Francis, who took his name from St. Francis of Assisi, patron saint of animals and the environment, will visit Philadelphia in September of 2015. Long after he has left the City of Brotherly Love, the words from his encyclical letter “On Care for Our Common Home” will be with us. 

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Feature: High Water

Dare to keep drugs out of your drinking waterby Shaun Bailey
It's an otherwise slow shift at the hospital when, just after 2 p.m., patient John Doe is wheeled into the emergency department. After taking the man's vital signs, residents determine he has suffered a "myocardial infarction"; what doctors call a heart attack. With no time

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