Invest in Efficiency: Philly offering small businesses energy efficiency rebates

Greenworks Philadelphia is offering funding to small business owners for energy efficiency projects. | Image via efficiency improvements can be a major boon to small businesses, lowering energy bills and increasing savings each month. But for many businesses, the high costs of these improvements can put energy efficiency out of reach. Luckily, the Philadelphia

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View Point

Upgrading your windows will make you more comfortable, and save you cash by Samantha Wittchen
As any Philadelphia rowhome resident knows, windows work for you—providing much-needed natural light in what can otherwise be a narrow, dark house—and they work against you, leaking heat in the winter and letting scorching sunlight in during the summer.

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State Support

New legislation could mean Pennsylvania is finally turning around its energy policy
by Will DeanPennsylvania has long lagged behind other parts of the country in terms of supporting alternative energy and energy conservation. Perhaps because of our massive coal resources, the Keystone State has kept its thinking about energy production firmly in the past. In 2008,

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Warm Your Home, Keep Your Cash

Efficiency tips save energy and dollars
According to the Energy Coordinating Agency, most of Philly’s aging housing could use around 40 to 60 percent less energy, but it will require more than just changing light bulbs. Many solutions are simple DIY projects, but larger projects carry some risk. Insulation, for example, can cause moisture build-up (and

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This Old, Audited House

Audits uncover energy leaks in a Philly rowhome.
by Will Dean

On a brisk December morning, a white van pulls up outside a quaint, stone-fronted, two-story duplex rowhome in Mount Airy. There are a few people inside, myself included, and some ghostbuster-esque equipment, including fans, various detectors, meters and a big fan. The only invisible thing we’re

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