Finding self-acceptance and healing at an inclusive community wellness hub

Photo by JJ Tiziou Photography Studio 34 by Marilyn Anthony Our mind will deceive us,” says Angie Norris. “Our body will not.”  Norris, 45, is the studio manager at West Philadelphia’s cherished health, wellness and community center, Studio 34. Soft-spoken, but full of thoughtful passion, Norris says that she sees too often how people fail

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Can entrepreneurs save us from climate change?

Illustration by Kathleen White Serious Business by Hannah Waters Every moment of every day, even as you read this magazine, a dizzying array of scientific gadgets collect data on our planet’s environment. More than 3,000 ocean floats measure the temperature and saltiness of seawater to depths of 6,500 feet. Instruments at the top of the

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Proud Mary

Mary Seton Corboy and Greensgrow continue to set an example
story by Lee Stabert/photos by Jessica Kourkounis
Greensgrow, an urban farm and nursery in kensington, is a superstar of Philadelphia’s sustainability community. Having earned an abundance of recent national and local press, the pioneering farm’s name is always at the ready when conversation turns to the rising

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Cover Story: Back to the Future

West Philly’s Hybrid X Team builds green cars, and the case for vocational education  by Lee StabertOK, disney movie pitch: A group of high school kids (almost all African-American) from West Philadelphia build cars for an international competition, striving for a $10 million dollar prize. There’s a handsome, ambitious teacher, highly-funded, flashy competitors with big

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