Deployed to catch spotted lanternflies, naturalists say the tree wrappings are killing too many other creatures and need to stop.

The heart of the summer is here, and so are hordes of spotted lanternflies. They’re probably sucking on plants outside your window right now. Outside you might step on one if the opportunity presents itself, and, like a lot of Philadelphians, you might go further in a quest to eliminate the invasive bugs. Over the

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Camden’s flooding problem is daunting today. As sea levels rise and precipitation increases, it’s only going to get worse

It was flooding in the Ablett Village public housing development in Camden’s Cramer Hill neighborhood. It had rained overnight from Saturday, April 24, into Sunday, April 25, and that brought water that pooled in driveways and on the sidewalks running between the area’s long, two-story brick apartment buildings. This is not at all unusual, according

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Citizen scientist seeks to track down fungi discovered by an illustrious Philadelphia mycologist

About 120 years ago a nature enthusiast named Charles McIlvaine explored the Angora Woods of West Philadelphia hunting for mushrooms. While most of the Angora Woods have long since been built up, a fringe of the area remains along Cobbs Creek. It was there that I met up with a modern-day fungi enthusiast, Luke Smithson.

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Therapists help clients reflect and process using the great outdoors

Anisa George sees a strong connection between theater and forest therapy: they both involve improvisation. “You enter the rehearsal space, invite the ensemble to try different things, to engage with the environment,” George says. George was drawn to the practice because of its focus on the body and the natural world. Her career as an

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