The City of Philadelphia and the James Talib Dean Camp are said to have a “tentative agreement” for 50 houses; but the deal has stalled


Following the October 5th clearing of the homeless encampment known as Camp Teddy, the future of the James Talib Dean Homeless Encampment along the Parkway remains unknown. On September 26th the JTD Camp moved a long standing blockade they had formed on 22nd Street as a part of a deal with the City of Philadelphia said to involve 50 houses.

The press release published by Philadelphia Housing Action reads “Philadelphia Housing Action and the City of Philadelphia reached a tentative agreement… to give homeless activists 50 vacant, viable homes.”

This press release links back to Jennifer Bennetch, who helped broker the deal at Camp Teddy. Bennetch is the founder of Occupy PHA and has been instrumental in negotiations between the unhoused and the City.

A sign near the entrance to the JTD camp "housing now where else do we go". Photographs by Aaron Salsbury.
A sign near the entrance to the JTD camp. Photographs by Aaron Salsbury.

Upon publication of the press release, a spokesperson for the City has walked back the notion of a done deal saying “Any agreement will require a date certain by which the protest camps will be resolved.” Residents of the encampment mentioned that the City would like an official move-out date in which Von Colln Field would be cleared.

Grid Magazine went to the JTD Camp and asked residents of the encampment what they know about the 50 house deal. As of 10/7, the specifics of the fifty house deal are uncertain however, the structure of the deal to clear Camp Teddy gives us an idea of what the future of the camps may be.

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